TOPSAR Deburst IW SLC vs GRD Product

Good evening.

Why the deburst with SNAP is required only in the SLC products but is not required in products GRD?

I read this page,

For IW GRD product the deburst is done before, is it right?

Thanks in advance.

S1 IW is taken in three sub-swaths which consist of several bursts:

These bursts need to be merged together by the Deburst operator.
For GRD data this has already be done.

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Dear Andreas,

I have read in this document that for SLC the number of burst is 9 for each sub-swath so the total number of bursts is 9x3=27

But, for example, when I open S1B_IW_SLC__1SDV__…
there are only 18 images (including virtual intensity bands), why?

Thanks again.

you’re mixing two things up:

What you see after opening are three sub-swaths in two polarizations. The intensity images are a logical expression derived from imaginary and real parts of the scattering matrix (i+q).

Each of these sub-swaths consists of nine bursts:

These bursts need to be merged with the deburst operator. If you directly download the GRD data this is already done.

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