TopSAR Processing

We’ve also thought of these factors, considering that the area is near the shoreline. We lack information about the site, also the start and the suspension of the construction after some structural damages were observed.

Anyway, thank you for your immediate responses.

I couldn’t apply with PSI/SBAS for this one now because I haven’t started it yet. But thanks for the suggestion. If time permits and my supervisor does not rush to have results, will probably consider PSI/SBAS.

One more thing, from my displacement map (as shown below), I do get some times this kind of regions at the edges (blue in this case). Is this normal?

Thank you, once again.

Might be, this is the difference between master and slave images, nothing to care about

Thank you so much! I am now relieved. Those regions bother me a lot.

Finally, for today (heheheh), I just want to ask how do I properly use the tool shown below? I want to determine from SNAP the distance between two points (pixels). Whenever I try to use it, it just keeps creating series of connected points, and I couldn’t see any measurement.

Take a look at this post,

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and the following one,

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Also for general things, I’d suggest using the search

Thank you! I got it already! I did single-click only before that’s why the distance did not appear.

I have another concern. I’ve searched through this forum the answer but I failed to get a good explanation because I think it is a different one.

I want to ask if it’s possible to merge two ‘debursted’ Sentinel-1 products?

My products are like these:


I wanted to merge these two ‘debursted’ products both from S1B-Descending Orbit (same path 61 but with different frames 470 and 475). I do get the error as shown in the image below.

My AOI is covered within these products.

Please help.

Thank you!

Please take a look at the following post

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Iam new in radar interferometry .Ihave two slc images at 1-12-2017 and 20-12-2018 and Iwant to detect the subsidence in my region through this period.Ido an interferogram with SRTM 1Sec Auto Download but the interferogram still blue,please help me.

Thank you very much

first of all, have you checked if the coregistration worked? Are both images in the stack aligned correctly? You can check by creating an RGB (explained here)

What TOPSAR data are you using exactly?

Where is your study area located?

Thank you very much
for your kind reply @ABraun

Hello, Ihave two slc images at 20-12-2018and 19-2-2019,my area of study is syria and my data is IW-SLC, Iwant to detect the subsidence in my region through this period , but when Iam processing with phase unwrapping via SNAPHU ,the result was this.

Please help me.

you need to enter the entire command, not just “snaphu”
You find the command in the snaphu.conf file in the exported folder.

Idid this ,but I got the same result:line length must be positive integer
what is meaning this?
is it related with low coherence?
please help me

there must me a number at the end of the snaphu command which needs to be included for the processing.

What command did you enter?

thank you for your help

Have you considered multi-looking before unwrapping to reduce the size of the data?

I think it you correctly enter the command with the number of lines at the end, the error you showed should not appear.

No,Ido not apply multi-looking. I will this
another quistion please, if I have low coherence,can i continue with processing 0.2>coherence.
thank you very much in advance.

you can technically continue but your results will be bad. Make sure you have the shortest temporal baseline possible. But over vegetation, this will not bring much improvement.

Futher to disturb ,how to choose and check pixel value,thanks

The value can be read in the Pixel Info tan or selected with the Mask Manager