Troubleshooting steps for using SNAP toolboxes


I’m struggling with getting SNAP toolboxes to work on my Win7 64 bit PC and would like some hints on how to troubleshoot and fix the issues I am experiencing. Are there recommended steps for troubleshooting that I can use to then describe my problem and ask for help?
The thread at covers some of my experiences, but at the moment, I don’t even know where to look to find any logs that indicate what is happening behind the scenes.
I am on a machine where I do not have any admin rights so also need the help of our IT department to help me. While they are willing, they are time poor and have no other users of SNAP.

You can find the log in the user directory. At <USER_DIR>\AppData\Roaming\SNAP\var\log

Have you already tries to start SNAP without internet connection?
It was said that this helps.

Are you behind a proxy server?

Soon we will release new version of SNAP. Maybe it will fix the above mentioned problem.
We cannot validate it because we don’t experience this problem.

Yes, I have tried to use SNAP without network connection, and yes, that had me going. I don’t find that a useable workaround because that means that I cannot access this forum and other resources that will assist me in learning to use the product.
Yes, I am behind a proxy server. My IT guy said that the server was not receiving any requests from my machine - or SNAP - at start up.
I will send my log file to my IT guy and see what he can work out. I’ll get back with any news.

How soon before the next release? I have a project that I really want to get started on and I am excited about Sentinel data. I am looking forward to the results I will get from data that is sampled more frequently in S1.

After further examination, I can tell you that editing the file in C:\Users\xxxxxxxxxx\AppData\Roaming\SNAP\config\Preferences\org\netbeans to delete any reference to the proxy has made all the difference.
I hope that helps someone else.

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Thanks for this information.
If I look at this directory I can’t see any file. So it must be generated by NetBeans on your system.

Regarding the release: It should go public today