Unable to perform TNR on EW GRDM 2021 images

Hello all, I have been following multiple threads since 2018. I found out that post-2018 March, there is some issue with versions.
Also, I have seen in the threads chain that this issue is common with the EW mode of images.
Is there a way to deal with the ThermalNoiseRemoval (TNR) using SNAP GUI? (I have tried using the images acquired before 2017 as well (2016) but still the TNR doesn’t seem to work on cross polarised scenes.
Below is with 2016 scene -

Unable to perform TNR on polar regions.
Have followed this thread “GRD-Border-Noise and Thermal noise removal are not working anymore since March 13. 2018”, but still, nothing seems to work.
Also, just a suggestion, is pre-processing through Snappy any different than the GUI?