Unwrapped phase to vertical displacement

Hi everyone
I want to build vertical displacement raster using this equation: (Unw_Phase * wavelength in m) / (-4 * PI * cos(rad(incident_angle))) but the result raster displays a strange range that its max is 28.96 m and its min vertical displacement is -12.67 m while the max and min values foe LOS displacement are 0.15 and -0.35 m respectively. In my opinion the results of LOS displacement are reasoable and more accurate but what about vertical displacement? Here I read some posts about converting Unwrapped phase to vertical displacement and noticed some friends suggested another formulas! Does anyone have a suggestion about this?.. Is the formula fore building vertical displacement is reliable every where?..

About the min/max values: Subsidence Map

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Two posts naming the formulas:

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