unwrapping with multi images S1

I am using S1 to monitor land subsidence. I used multi images to do that. First, I add all of these images to SNAP and see that 1 image is chosen as a master and the others are slavers. I continue do steps as with Dinsar but for multi images ( coregistration, interferogram formation, multi looking, phase filtering …) . but to the step of unwrapping, I can’t unwrap it. I used snaphu1.4.2 Image 1.bmp (1.7 MB)
It run 1 day and there is no file img.
Please help me:
where’s wrong?
Do you have any tutorials about monitoring land subsidence with multi images ?
Thank you!

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I think you can only run snaphu on interferograms generated from image pairs of two products
Similar thing was reported here: Does anyone know how to solve this problem? (Snaphu import)

Thank you for your reply.
now I have many images. Can you please tell me: which steps I need to do to monitoring land subsidence using multi images?
And can you show me tutorials?
Thank you!

please have a look here: List of new tutorials

All ESA tutorials can be found here: http://step.esa.int/main/doc/tutorials/

You might also try these tutorials from the Alaska Satellite Facility:

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