Update of C2RCC for OLCI is in the pipeline

The C2RCC processor for OLCI is known to overestimate TSM concentrations (conc_tsm band).
This has been investigated and now we want to release an update which gives much better results.
Because of the major effect, this update has on the TSM band, we wanted to inform you upfront of the release. This gives you time to prepare your processing chains, your validation setup or whatever you need to do ;-).

In the next release we will use the following equation:

conc_tsm = tsmFac * iop_btot^tsmExp

For the factor and the exponent, the following values will be set by default:

tsmFac= 1.06
tsmExp= 0.942

You can actually already test the new results with the current processor by using the equation below in the BandMath operator. The expression would look like this:

1.06 * pow(iop_btot, 0.942)

You can adapt these values to your regional requirements.

The update will probably be released early next month

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