Using internal DEM in sar interfrometry workflow

hi all (i asked abraun* first but i think this may be interesting and relevent for others)

i am doing the interferogram work flow as i discussed in previous chats (S1 interferometry using snap and python)**. so far i have been using in all cases - auto-srtm-1dg as per most suggestions by others
i have just acquired a local dem 4m per pixel and the question is: which of the workflow steps (see above link) would it be important/better/worthwhile to use the local dem instead of srtm?
im assuming not all… and few words of explanation why (or link to somewhere else) would be great

many thanks in advance

  • abraun suggested the following: ‘So if the question still refers to the workflow, you can use it for topographic phase removal and terrain correction. It’s not needed for BackGeocoding.’

** dem/srtm choice are needed in the following steps:
topophase removal