Using snaphu with cdm in windows

Hello everyone,

Since I started my project with VM I usually have a lot of problems, one is that I always have conexion problems, so I decided to download SNAP in my computer and working without using VM.
But now, I cant unwrapped an image using snaphu, i always have the next problem “cant open file … abort”
the image is coherence file.
I have been trying with a lot of tutorials but I cant get anything.
somebody can help me?

The error says

Can't open file coh_IW3_VV_06Jan2018_15Mar2021.snaphu.img

You are missing the coherence file that is made during SNAPHU export. I encountered this issue before. Maybe this can help you:

another explanation could be that you have not navigated to the snaphu directory. The snaphu command has to be executed in the folder where you have exported the files from SNAP.