Vectors do not save to the product

Hi, all experts in SNAP;
two issues related to the supervised classification of the Sentinel 2 imagery in SNAP:

  1. Polygons digitized as training areas appear in the Vector Data folder in the “product” (multispectral image) but disappear from that “product” when reopened (saved before closing)
  2. Supervised classification (no matter the algorithm) does not work on original Sentinel 2 imagery (georeferenced in both, WGS84 and UTM crs), but runs well after reprojection to WGS84 only. Why?
    Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Thank you for reporting. We have discussed these points already:

An issue was created for this here: SNAP 8 - cannot save vectors in dim Please check if you have installed the latest update (Help > Check for Updates)

Noted here Rndom forest classification steps and here Sentinel-2 Classification Problem, but you’re right, it has not been soved yet. Maybe @oana_hogoiu knows more?

Ver. 8.0.2 is not available yet? (the current version is 8.0.0 as for today).

I think this one counts, but now I’m not sure :sweat_smile:


Check the Plugin Manager (Tools / Plugins).
You should have got a balloon message in the lower right which notified you about the update.

Yes, indeed, saving vectors works with Desktop impl. ver. 8.0.2! Great, thank you!