Water Cloud Model

I am planning to use the WCM for bio-physical parameters retrieval in my research. But I am not clear about this model. Can the people using this model explain and share some tips??

does water cloud model is a software package

Yes. It is a package in R.

Ohh thank you can you share me some materials related to this please

is there anyone who can help me to find water cloud model software package

what about PolSARpro?


I found this package in R to be useful.

Does PolSARpro has WCM? Can we use it for agriculture related applications? I never knew that. Can you share some content related to this @ABraun ?

It’s not my main expertise to be honest, but I’m not sure what you expect from it. There is no WCM-button you press and magically get answers :slight_smile: You need a bit of understanding of the inversion process and how it is used to separate moisture from the other factors contributing to backscatter.

The tutorials inside PolSARpro can be a good start:

But you need quad-pol data for it.

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Thank you so much


For Cloud Water Model using SAR, you can have a look at the this github repository.
There is an implementation of CWM for both optical and SAR in python.