When is the SNAP API for Python 3.5 is coming?


I am using the following system configuration

Intel processor
Windows operating system
Keras deep learning library (can be installed only with Python 3.5 give the above system configuration)
I am waiting for ESA SNAP to launch the SNAP API for Python 3.5 since last year.
When will it be released?

I’m sorry to hear that you are already waiting for so long.
Unfortunately, over the last year the development more or less stood still, but now it is starting again.
We are currently planning which issues will be done and when will they be done.
I can say that Python improvements have a high priority but I don’t dare to give you a specifc date. If I say, in half a year and it will not be available then, you will be disappointed again.
There are many issue and features with a high piority on our list. Unfortunately, not all can be done at once.

In the meantime you could have a look at these threads. Some got it to work.

Thank you for the information. Its helpful
I Will be waiting for the update.
Also, thanks for other links (didn’t helped me)

It may be helpful to the developers if you explain what went wrong when you tried the approaches in the previous posts. I have had some success with snappy using python 3.5, but only for a small number of use cases. The vast majority of python scripts that work in 3.4 also run in 3.5, but the developers need to consider the full range of possible uses, so knowing what doesn’t work will be more helpful than reports of what does work.