Workflow between SNAP and StaMPS

okay will do and let you know

Actually I am wondering about anything wrong on the interferograms.

So after @falahfakhri, please check the interferograms as it is suspicious the fact that n_trial_wrap=NaN

Let us know

@mdelgado… At present i am running Stamps(2,2) as @falahfakhri said… In this patch 1 is see a value
But not sure what would happen for the next patches, i have 4 patches and the patch 1 is running now… will let you know of any error if it comes…
Thank you @mdelgado

Here you could find an example helps you,

6thAdvanced TrainingCourse in Land Remote Sensing


I’ve done what you said.
But when I’m going to make StaMPS export another error is showing.

I don’t understand why this is showing, I’ve done topographic-phase removal. This should include orthorectified Lat/Lon.

I need to find the deformation of my required area. I’ve done the following steps for processing Alos palsar data as suggested by ABraun:

1. Coregistration(1master, 4slaves)
2. Deskewing
  1. Interferogram formation
  2. Terrain Correction
    Up to this no problem. But I cant make the StaMPS export for the rest processing.
    Next I want to apply PSI, then unwrapped with SNAPHU, and finally apply SBAS to find the deformation.

could you please help?

Could please select DEM HGT 1Sec auto download,
And as I mentioned before four images are too low number for PSI technique, Also skip step 4. Terrain correction, it is not needed, Also there is no need to apply topographic phase removal two times, because you already have checked the box subtract topographic phase in the step of interfergram formation.

in previous post , a good training, have a look at it please.

What is mentioned after terrain correction, needs from you some reading, about the Interferometric techniques

Dear sir, Sorry to bother you again. And thank you very much for replying me. I’ve select DEM HGT 1Sec while interfergram making. If I do not terrian corrected the interferogram and just try to make StaMPS export, the following error is showing:

If I do terrian correction then following error is showing:

What should I do now? And the area I’ve chosen for finding interferogram, there are only 11 images with same frame and path. Will it be worked with 11images? If I take 11 images, should I make 1 master and 10 slaves for co-registration?
I’m really very sorry to bother you. I’m a beginner in this sector. I’ve read the previous post of you and ALOS PALSAR processing this post too. It will be very kind of you, if you help me.

sometimes the order of the two products makes a difference. Try moving the second one to the top and switch to the next tab.

@falahfakhri Will go through this…

And it did run successfully…while i gave 0.42 2 2 50 200… it is going well…
Thank you so much…

No need to apologize, the goal of this GREAT STEP FORUM, form the first time it is initiated, is to support the researchers from around the world by ESA, and also the members of this STEP FORUM, try up their best to help each other… this is my understanding :grinning:

The idea of the PSI, is to find a coherent point scatterer for long term, during the processing you’ll find that some pairs should be removed because of many related problems such as jump phases, or many others, that’s why one reason is to have many images as much as we can,

Please take a look at this,

Persistent Scatterer Interferometry: A review

In your case if there are no more images than 11, never mind, you could try, by selecting one as master and the other 10 as slaves, the suitable master could be selected by applying InSAR overview, to check up which one of the 11 is the best master.

Also now I found a very good summary, it is done by our colleague @ABraun you could go through it

About the STaMPS category

I’m so glad of your successful, the main solution of this error is @mdelgado he was the first provider of this solution. And I was the first finder of this error :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@mdelgado Thank you for your contribution… I carried out the stamps(2,2) process successfully…

Ha ha… great that you spotted this error way ahead…@falahfakhri

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Well, if I got actually the solution means that I got this error before. :stuck_out_tongue:
Othewise I could not anticipate it. But yes, you were the first one with which I have shared my solution. :wink:

Anyway, I am glad to contribute with my little help.


I am thankful to both @falahfakhri and @mdelgado… Without the suggestions of your two i wudnt have been able to come out with this processing…

I am glad you found this error earlier and sorted out in prior…

am gratefull for your time…



this is my final result which i obtained…

May i know how to infer things from this… Any material available?

This is not the best plot to infer …
try with ps_plot(‘v-d’,1) or ps_plot(‘v-do’,1) depending of your processing options and you will see the mean LOS deformation velocity plot, which is much more comprehensive.

Still, my first suggestion is to increase the dataset, as 10 is a bit too low for inferring anything, as you could be seeing seasonal effects and so on…only with larger dataset you are able to see a evolution of the phase in time.

then, you can try ps_plot(‘v-d’,1,‘ts’) to see any time series of a selected point (you select the point by doing click on the image which opens)

You can check the StaMPS manual to see options and more.
Good luck!

this is the result from ps_plot(‘u-dm’)
will it do something in inferring…

I went through the plots given in the manual and tried it out…

this was my first trial… Will add on more ifgs soon and try it out

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I carried out the steps as you prescribed in your manual and successfully completed the process…

I am about to try out Stamps-visualizer and i am reading that thread…

At this moment, i just want to thank you heartly for the support and guidance you provided me…
Thank you so much @thho

@ABraun sir,
Product can’t be altered as if I altered them, SNAP is showing me “1st product should be co-registered SLC product and 2nd product is the interferogram”.

Is it a problem that I’ve subset the images before co-registered as If I take the full image storage problem is occurred? Thats why I’ve subset the required area with same co-ordinate for all images. Then I co-register the images.

Thank you sir.