Workflow between SNAP and StaMPS

you can check his dissertation where he explains some more details:

Otherwise - Hanssen 2001 is always a great source: Radar Interferometry: Data Interpretation and Error Analysis | SpringerLink (not open access)

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anyone knows the meaning of "master_master_flag = ‘0’ " in stamps(1,1)

where others says " ans = ‘0’ " Error in StaMPS patch merging (Step 5)
enviroment:snap9 ,stamps4.1b,ubuntu 18.04a,

Good evening. Please tell me, I’m trying to export to PS. But my workflow has been going on for several days and it shows 8% all the time.
My computer has 32gb of ram and I’m running on an SSD. I tried to run it again, but again 8% and it’s been like this for a week and it doesn’t show any errors. I would be very grateful for your advice.

close snap and restart it ,and rerun export

Hello, i meet the same problem, have you solve it? looking forward to your advice.

Hello ABaun,

I tried to make Psinsar using the snap2Stemp workflow. Following the steps mentioned in the manual, I got to the StaMPS export step, and as a result, a project folder contains the final output structure in four folders: rslc, diff0, geo, and dem.
Later, I installed Stamps, in order to run mt_prep_snap.
I know that I have to make some modifications to the configuration.
My question is: which lines should I modify within StaMPS.CONFIG.bash?

Thanks in advance.
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I seem to have the same issue. How did you end up resolving the Window’s matlab issue to get past the permission denied error here?

Thanks for the help!

Hey guys.

I am new to using StaMPS for the PSInSAR technique. And I would like to know which StaMPS setparm corresponds to spatial coherence?

Thanks in advance for everyone’s attention.

Hello, I have 12 interferograms from February 14, 2020 until July 31, 2020. I applied all the steps in stamps and got the results, but I want your help in evaluating the results of the processing in. Do I have any errors? Do the results look logical because I want to export the results to gis and calculate the vertical displacements in my area? Please help me. Evaluate my results before continuing to analyze them in gis

@ABraun @gnwiii @mengdahl @falahfakhri
Thank you in advance, stay well everyone

Hello, does anyone can help how to select or count pixel density at a specific area by using stamps?

Thank you.