About the Principles and Functions of BackGeocoding and Enhanced Spectral Split

Coregistration includes BackGeocoding and Enhanced Spectral Split, so what are their respective principles and functions?

are you aware of the internal documentation of SNAP?


Mostly If you apply this to only one -burst, it produces error. I really do not know why.

if you only work on onw burst, you don’t need the ESD operator.

Okay thank you @ABraun.
Does anyone has the complete workflows pre-porcessing of SBAS by @thho.
I am doing a research using SBAS but currently strugling creating interferometry to export to STAMPS.

Thank you

There are several instructions around:

However, they do not yet include SBAS because SNAP currently only allows single master stacks.

Yes, I have gone through all of those documentation. I saw in one of the documentations by @thho where he gave details on how he devised some codes and workflow for SBAS. I was wondering if anyone has it . Particularly this file " snap_sbas_wf.zip”. Becuase unfortunaley that file seem to have been deleted from this forum and on Github,

yes,sir.In fact, BackGeocoding is a method of coarse registration (by using DEM and the high-precision positioning characteristics of radar). ESD is a precise registration method (based on Spectral Diversity). (Note: I just learned today) Because there are many complex theories and methods involved, if you are not a very professional researcher, you only need to know and apply. :slightly_smiling_face:

As far as I can remember, the file was never uploaded by me on github, since I knew that I would never been able to maintain it properly (I planned it though, but I have never reached that point). The zip file was a container holding a documentation and some scripts, anyway, it seems that after a while or when the forum has been moved (one and a half year ago? maybe…) some download links died away. However, the last time I worked with that state, it was no longer working, since InterferogramOP of S1tbx changed drastically somewhere in version 6. So atm this approach doesn’t work out of the box and I can not supply any help since my schedule is more then full -.-

For more details, there was a private discussion in this forum lead by @FeiLiu who came up with the origin idea of changing the stacks in SNAP. There some points were discussed in more detail, maybe you can be added to it and find a starting point on your own there.

In general, lets try to keep this forum structured, my answer and your question are off topic considering the question asked by @SUN-Ravenclaw

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Than you @thho for your clarification. My question was just a follow-up. I asked that question some weeks ago but did not get any reply from any member which why I quickly asked that questionn Nevertheless, it is well noted.
Thank you