Can't open any sentinel images


I’ve been trying to open Sentinel images but I can’t since the new update of SNAP. In December I can open images without resampling process, but now nothing.

This is the log message:
messages.log.2 (79.0 KB)

Any suggestions? Thank you!

The errors shown in the log are strange and for me they indicate that something went wrong during the update process.
Please uninstall SNAP and reinstall it. Then install the updates again.
Afterwards SNAP should work again.


I have the same problem, but I cannot open any products (S2, S3 or L8). I will try to reinstall.

Best, Therese

Thank Marpet, I’ll try to uninstall and reinstall. Hope this work!

I notice you have Java Home = /opt/snap/jre/jre, which means you have to involve the “root” user in the install process. There are multiple ways you could have done this (login as root and install, install using sudo, or create /opt/snap using “root” and then change the ownership of the directory to a regular user and then install as that user. As a general principle, you should avoid installing anything but distribution packages as “root”, so the third method is preferred. The errors could indicate problems with the ownership and permissions of the files under /opt/snap, or some mix of ESA SNAP and some other package called “snap”. You might be able to repair the permissions, but if you are not confident with your linux abilities a reinstall is indicated. Note that the convention for installing packages in /opt would be to create /opt/ owned by a regular user and then install snap to that location so you will get /opt/ This will eliminate the possibility of some other package called snap mingling with ESA SNAP.

Thank you Gnwiii for your advice! I already uninstalled it, now I will create the folder as you suggest.

It worked! Thanks for your help!

Glad it is working. A downside of the growing popularity of linux is the increased probability that the name chosen for a new program will be the same as the name used by some other package.

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I deleted the snap and re-downloaded it but still faced the same problem. What should I do. can you help me?

Whyt’s the error message you get? What type of data do you try to open?

I’m trying to open a sentinel-2 image. But it won’t open. It doesn’t appear on the screen.

So, after using either the S2A_MSIL1C_*.zip file or the MTD_MSIL1C.xml in the *.SAFE folder or dragging the *SAFE folder onto the Product Tree in SNAP you a structure similar to this.

But if you then double-click on one of the bands nothing happens?
If so, please provide the log file.

Where have you downloaded the data?

I downloaded it from the USGS page. Unfortunately, I tried it again and nothing happened.

messages.log (94.3 KB)
messages.log.1 (9.6 KB)
messages.log.2 (70.7 KB)

It seems that there is some issue with the modules for Sentinel-2. Probably the installation or the update process didn’t work well.

Pleas uninstall and install SNAP. Then it should work.

Hi again,

I have reinstalled and rebooted but still facing the same problem, I cannot open any files.
I am kind of stuck here.
Best, Therese

messages.log (482.1 KB)

Now it looks even worse.
Also, some of the snap core modules seem to be corrupted.
The update process seems to be very fragile on your system.

Can you delete the folder ‘C:\Users\THH\AppData\Roaming\SNAP’?
Afterwards, you should have a clean SNAP 8 installation without updates.
Try to open the images now.
If this works update, SNAP again.

You could also download the modules manually from
Index of /updatecenter/8.0 (
The important folders are ‘snap’ and ‘snap-toolboxes’.
There are tools which can help you to download the files.

Afterwards you can install the downloaded files in the plugin-manager.

Before doing this. You could try if the update via the command line is more reliable for you.
Update SNAP from the command line - SNAP - Confluence (

Thanks , I will try that. I have installed the plugins manually before- so I will try that again or as you suggest via cmd.

Hi again,

I can now open the images from the clean version- so that part seems to work fine, thank you!

to clarify:
The order to do things that you suggest is;

  1. delete the folder- done
  2. install snap- done
  3. update snap from the command line
  4. install plugins (either from snap or manually)

Best, Therese

The order of steps is correct.
You can actually skip the installation of SNAP. Once you have a working installation deleting this folder should bring you back to the initial state.

… and if you’re for a treat, here’s a very sweet one:

  1. Trying to import 3 ALOS PALSAR full-pol images (from JAXA, CEOS format).

  2. First file imported with no problem

  3. Second file imported is the same as the first. Third file imported is the same as the first.

  4. Ended up with the same three files opened in Product Explorer

… just when I thought I was going to be pleased with SNAP

(and no, I didn’t make a mistake, and no, the files are different)