Can't run mt_prep_snap

Hello there,

I was trying to call the mt_prep_snap script in the Amplitude dispersion step. However, I can’t make it. But it seems like the script is working, as you can see when I call it without parameters. Looks like nothing wrong with it—many thanks.

Just try to run this below commands in INSAR_20180309 folder,

mt_prep_snap 20180309 /home/oscar/PSI_processing/INSAR_20180309/ 0.4

or try this below one in prep folder,

mt_prep_snap 20180309 /home/oscar/PSI_processing/INSAR_20180309/prep/ 0.4

I have tried both, but they didn’t work. It’s not the quotation mark problem.

Why are your prepared files stored inside a “prep” folder? If you want to have the processed data in a separate directory, simply create one and navigate in there and call the mt_prep_snap command pointing to the data where your prepared files are located (without /prep)
Also, there is no need to put the path in quotation marks.

Thanks for your help. I have tried the command without the /prep which you can see from my first image. I think it’s some software setup problem. I have reinstalled my Ubuntu system and see how it goes.

can you please add the number of rows, colums and tiles in the command for a test?
mt_prep_snap date directory 2 2 200 50

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Will do. I accidentally deleted StaMPS and some other associated software when I was uninstalling SNAP. I will give it a try when I set up all the software and post the result.

Thank you, ABraun. My problem has been solved. I am happy I can consult here. It’s such an active and friendly forum.

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