Coherency matrix for coherent change detection

I am trying to generate the coherency matrix for 3 S1 SLC scenes. I already coregistered each slave to the master image, however I am now confused as to how to get all 3 coregistered images into one stack to generate the matrix from? Currently I have two separate stacks and if i try to add the coregistered products to form a stack it says I need to use TOPS Coregistration. So do I ultimately need to process all slaves within one graph for them to be in one stack?

Also, I am a bit unclear whether it is possible to use the dual pol S1-SLCs to get the coherency matrix. In the help menu it mentions that only T3 can be generated from only dual pol data. Somewhere else it mentions you do need full pol data?

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This issue is discussed in here,

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Do you mean VH-VV, correlation coherence?

Take a look at his post,

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