Displacement over time

How can I produce the displacement over time for a landslide event using Sentinel-1 data ?

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please have a look at these topics and feel free to ask more specific questions.

Thanks for the help. I’ve already made a displacement map of an area during the landslide event. I want to produce a graph or map showing the displacement values over time.

a suggestion on how to combine the deformations of several image pairs is given in this tutorial:
Echoes in Space: Subsidence monitoring

But note that this was created using NEST and some of the steps (unwrapping, phase to deformation) are now easier to accomplish. But especially the last part demonstrates how you can use the Pin Manager to extract displacements at points and create graphs on temporal dynamics.

Thanks for this. I’ll check & get back if anything needed.

Other important thing one should consider when dealing with landslides is the speed of the land mass.
It was pointed out in several publications that DInSAR is suitable for “very slow” and “slow” landslides.
Also the vegetations should be considered as well.

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I’ve downloaded four images spanning over a period of one & a half month over a particular region. I want to make a temporal analysis of the land subsidence (a displacement matrix which shows the land displacement values over time) for that particular region. What is the ideal method for that? Should I take the first image as the master image & the subsequent ones as the slave & form several interferograms? And what is the way to combine several interferograms? Or is there any other way around?

both is possoble, please have a look at the tutorial I posted above.

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