Environment Variable SNAP_HOME Windows 10- How to add?

Hi experts,

I am installing snappy for my python scripts to process Sentinel-2 products. I am getting an error about the SNAP_HOME variable.

IOError: Can’t find SNAP distribution directory. Either configure variable ‘snap_home’ in file ‘./snappy.ini’ or set environment variable ‘SNAP_HOME’ to an existing SNAP distribution directory.

So far I followed this guide to set environment variable: https://www.hows.tech/2019/03/how-to-set-environment-variables-in-windows-10.html

Is it related to snappy.ini ? or My Windows has any other issue?

And you followed also this guide?

Just a note, not sure if it is mentioned in the guide you have linked.
After changing the environment variables you need to restart the windows command line or the python environment. The variables are only read when the process is started.

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