Error in unwrapping with multiple slices and swaths

Hi everybody,

I encountered some problems when doing the unwrapping process. I had succeeded in unwrapping before, but this time, maybe due to my interesting area contains multiple slices and swaths, I faced some troubles.

The following is my steps:

  1. Split image_1 & image_2 -> IW2 & IW3 for both two images (four subswaths in total)
  2. Slice Assembly ->
    assem_1=IW2 of two images
    assem_2=IW3 of two images
  3. Apply Orbit File
  4. Back Geocoding
  5. Enhanced Spectral Diversity
  6. Interferogram Formation
  7. Deburst
  8. Merge
  9. Goldstein Phase Filtering
  10. subset
  11. snaphu export
  12. unwrapping

when doing the step 12, the process finished very fast which is not normal, and I screenshotted the cmd window if needed:

I also tried to just assembly two images, but maybe due to the size of images, the process is too slow. Hence, I still want to know if my steps are wrong and how do I fix it.
Any helps would be really appreciated, thank you all!

Hi lin, I’ve the same trouble, my study area covers IW1 & 2, are those the correct steps? Did you manage to solve the problem?

Hi Ailin, I found the possible solution in these posts:
Stripes or lines seen in displacement map
Merge Sentinel-1 SLC products for large area subsidence monitoring
You could take a look :slight_smile:
Hope this can help you.

Thank you very much! will check!