Extract height trees

Hi all, I wanted to know if sentinel 1 radar image can extract the height of trees. and if so, is it possible to do all the processing on Snap??
It’s a job that’s part of my studies.

InSAR approaches will fail because of phase decorrelation, but there are studies based on linear regression and backscatter intensity, coherence or optical variables. You need a sufficient number of fiele measurements for that.

Thanks you for answer. can i work with getting canopy height and then subtract DEM to get tree height in this case?

this would be an InSAR approach which is rather challenging. I have not seen many working examples of this in the context of canopy heights with Sentinel-1.

This is actually the only I am aware of, and they don’t go into detail about the InSAR part and the extraction of ground heights very well: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/8962021/
Additionally, most DEMs (such as SRTM) partially contain canopy heights, so it is not easy to get distinct elevations.

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