Help with batch processing to create an interferogram over longer time period


I’ve been trying to create an interferogram over my AOI between Sep 30th and Jul 08, and to minimize the noise I’ve tried to create the interferometry from a series of images (with minimal temporal baseline).

What I’ve done so far is coregistering every image with a common master image (the one taken on Sep 30th), and as far as I understand it I should be able to extract the slave bands and then create a stack with the first master/slave coreg and the extracted slave bands, which I then should be able to create an interferogram from.
I’m basing this on the second graph in this post: Coregistrating more than two Sentinel-1 SLC IW products

When I try to do the same thing though I get the following error message:

Error: [NodeId: CreateStack] S1 TOPS SLC products should use TOPS Coregistration.

This is my modified graph

The input files that are read are the coregistrated images.

Cheers for any help.

have you tried to leave out the “Band Select” step. I know it creates redundant masters present in the stack but this worked for me at least.

I get the same error message after removing the band select from the graph (S1 TOPS SLC products should…).

Is there another way to do this? Creating a stack of the SLC product slave images I want to use, which would then be used as the slave input in a TOPS coreg, for example?

I would preferably like to solve the original problem obviously

I actually answered on the original problem :slight_smile:

Did you try without the graph file, just adding all coregistered pairs into the Create Stack tool?

I had a similar question once and currently, only one master is usable in SNAP: Interferogram averaging for DEM generation

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Hahah yeah I know, sorry for any misunderstanding!:sweat_smile: I meant that even if there was an alternative way to do this I would like to figure out why I get the error message to improve my understanding of SNAP!

And I get the same error when adding them all into the Create Stack tool

And thanks for the link! I’ve read it through and to my knowledge there shouldn’t be an error since I’m using slaves coregistered to the same master.

I did the coregistration w/ ESD though, but that shouldn’t be the issue?

so - just to go sure and exclude all possible error sources.

  • you created all image pairs with TOPS coregistration
  • all of them on the same master
  • you selected BEAM DIMAP as the output format?

If all of this is true, I cannot think of a solution. But you can try the normal “coregistration” and select “orbit” as product geolocation. Although this takes considerably longer.

Yeah, all three are correct.

It’s the Radar > Coregistration tool right? I get the same error message there since Create Stack is one of the steps in the tool haha

I’ll try and remake the coregistrations (without ESD this time) and see if I’m able to create a stack. But that’ll have to wait till tomorrow, getting late here.

Cheers for the help anyway!

I almost expected it :slight_smile:
I recently learned that if you have only one burst, ESD is not of any use.

Did you see the snap2stamps tool? It basically does what you need, namely coregistering multiple slaves against one master and creates an interferogram which is then debursted. Snap2stamps package: a free tool to automate the SNAP-StaMPS Workflow

The only thing you have to do is to process a master (TOPS Split and Apply orbit) and define the swath and an AOI in a config file. Python does the rest.

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