How to prepare Sentinel-1 images stack for PSI/SBAS in SNAP 5


is it an option to process it without multiple patches?

mt_prep_snap date folder 0.4 1 1 50 200


Normally that happens if an interferogram is empty or any slave full zeros.

had you checked that? or could you check that?


Sorry for my question, how I can check this???

I checked my mean amplitude and I filtered the images in function of this results


the “number of pixels with zero amplitude” is extremely high throughout all interferograms. Did you have a look at one of the interferograms in SNAP? Maybe they have a nodata strip at one side, for example. I think this is what mdelgado means.
Edit: Like here, for example.


You can open the interferograms on SNAP and visualize them.

On next version of snap2stamps, I will provide scripts to create png out of the interferograms, so you could check it out easier. For the moment my suggestion is to open them in SNAP.


@ABraun in my last processing of June 2018 (with other data set) where I obtained good results, too had high values Number of pixels with zero amplitude= XXX!!!
I am still checking the ifgs according to all your suggestions!!!


I solved the zero size files problem by changing samples.
Now Stamos(1,1) shows error:

Unable to read file ‘…/’: no such file or directory.

I could not find a file with this name. What’s this? How can I make it?


First of all @rostamiani,

The issues you are facing/reporting are all due to be using all versions of StaMPS. Please get the latest developer version where the main problems are already solved.

Regarding the is a file containing the slave folder names (for example 20170612, … ).
Along that file you would probably need the or which file name reflects the expected content.

I hope this helps



I’m using the latest version (StaMPS 4.1-beta). But could not find anything about these files in the documentation.
How can I create them? Is there any documentation?


These files should be created (if all pre-processing was succesful and you use proper tools to do so) using the scripts included in the package( i.e. when you use mt_prep_snap)

If you need I can share with you some file examples of previous processings.

I hope this helps