Impot csv file

Hello, I’m lookin forward for helps.

Does anyone understand how to import CSV files to snap? It always failed to load, and snap always says: “neither lat / lon column nor geometry provided.” even though the coordinates are available in the CSV.
Or is there any tutorial video of it that can helps?
Thank you.

In SNAP search type what already appeared in highlighted blue,

you’ll get the following screen,

Please read carefully the instructions of importing csv file to SNAP,

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I’ve been following the steps, but I still confused about the header and the description that should be written.
So it always says that the first record and header have different column count.

and this is a pic of the original csv file before adding the description

some of your lat coordinates seem strange - they should all begin with 9 and comma, right?
I suggest to also delete the first four empty lines and then export the Excel to CSV format.

ah just realized! thank you.

Can you tell what exactly solved your problem?

It hasn’t solved yet. I still can import my csv file to the snap bcs still confused with this rules:

the description can be a bit confusing - in the end you need a header and properly separated columns.

I uploaded a valid example of a CSV file here which works with SNAP: Soil Moisture Mapping Using S1_SLC product and s1tx

If you have something similar and are able to import it, it should be fine.

I’ve tried make one just like yours, but still failed actually…

can you please share it in here?

Hi, I’m having the same issue and I have no idea why it won’t work. I’ve tried following along to the help section and I thought I formatted correctly but something seems to be wrong. I have attached the file here.Urban.csv (9.4 KB)

the file you attached is no CSV file, it contains Polygons in WTK geometry.
Looks like it was exported from SNAP - please give some informations where it is from, what’s the coordinate reference system and what you want to do with it.

I was working on a Sentinel-2 scene and created the Vector Data Containers but my SNAP crashed and I had to open it again. When I did I found that the vector data in the file was not included in the product I saved. I was trying to import it but I kept on getting an error that “Neither lat/lon nor geometry column provided”. I’m just trying to import it back into the product so I can continue on to classify the scene using the vector data. The coordinate reference system is WGS 84 / UTM Zone 11N.

this relates to this issue SNAP 8 - cannot save vectors in dim

I don’t think it is possible at the moment to re-import a csv generated by SNAP. But you can load it into QGIS as suggested below (make sure you are selecting the correct coordinate reference system), and then save them as a shapefile. This can then be imported in SNAP again. Not very straightforward, but at least allows you to use your digitized areas

Oh, I see! Well, there goes the last 5 hours of my life haha thank you for the info!

The issue should be solved with the 8.0.2 update of SNAP.
[SNAP-1369] Vector data cannot be restored from BEAM-DIMAP