Input for STaMPS (subsets of images) - how to organize files

Hi there, all manuals quite lack a detailed info how to correctly put SNAP-to-STAMPS inputs into folders ‘dem’, ‘geo’, ‘rlsc’, and ‘diff0’ if I processed my 44 images in SNAP by 4 subsets (each 10-13 images).
So, each subset has the same master image.
Do I correctly understand that I have to put files with different names into 1 folder? All to ‘diff0’, and ‘rlsc’ folders?

But how to be with ‘dem’ and ‘geo’ folders?
‘dem’ folder has 2 files with same names ‘projected_dem.par’ and ‘projected_dem.rlsc’ for every produced subset of images.
The same is for folder ‘geo’.

I suggest I can leave these files from only 1 subset as all my images are from same burst of same subswath and same relative orbit. That is, DEM from ‘dem’ folder and coordinates from ‘geo’ folder should be the same across all my 4 subsets of images. Am I right?

I scrolled this topic but didn’t find any relevant information. Pls sorry if it already described somewhere on this forum

Manual preprocessing can work, but I really recommend using Snap2stamps package: a free tool to automate the SNAP-StaMPS Workflow

There are two great tutorials on how the installation, pre-processing and the importance of variables: SNAP - StaMPS Workflow Documentation and Documentation on SNAP-StaMPS workflow and Workflow for PSI-based ground deformation study using SNAP and StaMPS at Fringe2021