Issues related to Product Library

Product library works without problems with Sentinel-1A L1 data (both zip and safe formats).

When importing Sentinel-1A L2 OCN data (both zip and uncompressed), resolution is not correctly displayed (“99999 x 99999 m” is displayed instead) and quicklook result in a black image.

Product library seems not to read compressed Sentinel-2 L1C data (zip format) while is correctly reading and displaying quicklooks of uncompressed data. Resolution (multiple resolutions in this case) is not correctly displayed (“99999 x 99999 m” is displayed instead) and acquisition date is set to “01-Jan-2000”. Since folder structure of Sentinel-2 data requires long paths, causing some problems with Windows API, it is likely convenient to keep original Sentinel-2 data in compressed format and make it readable also from product library.

I am using SNAP2.0-beta8 on Windows 64 bit, but I had the same problems with previous beta7 version.


I’m not sure but I think this problem has two reasons.
One is that the Sentinel-2 L1C reader does not set a start and end time to the product. @jmalik and @NicolasDucoin can you check this?
The other problem is the size of the product which is not suitable handled in the Product Library (maybe caused by the multiple resolution case). @lveci can you check this?

Thank Marco for your reply. I hope the feedback will be useful to fix and improve the toolbox.