LOS Displacement vs Vertical Displacement for subsidence monitoring

I’m a student that is currently researching subsidence monitoring.
I’ve already followed the tutorial that is provided by RUS:

in that tutorial, it ends with doing phase to displacement in SNAP.
But as mentioned in this post: Phase to Displacement Units?
phase to displacement in SNAP is in LOS displacement and not vertical displacement.
do i need to follow this post: Phase to Displacement Units?
to get vertical displacement? or using phase to displacement in SNAP is enough for subsidence monitoring? thank you

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The ground subsidence produced in SNAP is in Line of Sight (LOS) and the units is in meters.

in order to derive vertical subsidence follow this post map subsidence as you mentioned in your post

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Hi, guy. I’m a student who is researching permafrost deformation with Sentinel data but,totally unfirmiliar
with Phase to Dispacement of SNAP.
I wonder would you give me some tips ,for example, tutorials and so on?

Have you already followed the above mentioned RUS tutorial? Video tutorial is included, the pdf files can be downloaded here. It also explains Phase to Displacement.

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thank you so much! I am going to have a try.