Mosaic of binarized rasters

Hi everyone,
I would like to ask how I could create mosaic of binarized rasters. I have made lots of subsets of S1 image to process them individually (to process histogram of each small subset and then binarize each small subset based on threshold value). At the end I would like to make one image of them again. Radar -> SAR Mosaic Wizard works well to create mosaic of subsets before binarization, but after binarization it is not working. I understand it is not radar image anymore but normal binary raster.

How could I create mosaic of binarized subsets ? I have found Raster -> Geometric Operations -> Mosaicing but I do not know what I am supposed to do with variables and conditions or if it is correct tool at all for my process.

I want to create mosaic of lots of subsets, not just two if it is relevant information and all subsets have some overlap area. Thanks

Yes, the Mosaicing you found should be the right tool for your binarized images.
Did you have look at the help pages? There it is explained how to use the tool.
On the I/O tab, you specify you input products and on the next tab you define the CRS and region you want. On the Variables tab, you can add you binarized images. As soon you have added a single source, they are selectable from the list when you click on:

If you want to create multiple mosaic images you can do the processing on the command line with gpt tool.

When I use mosaicing it creates some strange ouput raster. These are my images.

Parameters as you wrote.

But this is result of the processing. Based on worldview it is not even same area.

Maybe you need to change the pixel-size in x and y-direction.

But it is strange that within the mosaic the bounds cover both products and after processing it doesn’t cover them anymore.
Can provide the two products?

I’ll send you a PN with a location where you can upload the data.

The issue originates from a wrong pixelSize. You can change the size to 0.00009. This fits the source resolution.
After I changed this, I got this picture:

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