Offset Tracking Result in SNAP : Visualisation

Dear SNAP users,

What does the result which appears in SNAP show? The velocity or speed.

Thanks in Advance

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And How to get velocity if its Speed?

You just have to read the manual :slight_smile:

Thank You sir! But how to get the directional properties

The tool produces vectors with a certain orientation (= direction of the movement) and length (=velocity of the movement).

Thank you again Sir! but I need the arrows to be imported in Arc GIS. How can I do that

By either

  • right-clicking > Geometry as shape file, or
  • using the files generated in the “vector” folder. They have a tabular structure with coordinates, angles and velocities.

Hello Sir!

i am getting an error doing so: Can not export geometry. Could not find attribute range_shift.
And importing csv file in ARC GIS needs a lot of formatting in the file

you should geocode your results first.

Meaning Terrain Correction?

yes, terrain correction at best, given that your area has a suitable DEM for AutoDownload. SRTM is not available in all parts of the earth:

Thank you Sir Still Not possible I tried doing so but the same error persists: Can not export geometry. Could not find attribute range_shift.( mul count:0)

anothere workaround: have a look at the file itself, you can open it in MS Excel for example, and make a csv out of it to import it in any GIS.

Yes Sir! am trying that out. But It needs a lot of formatting… Its already in csv format.

Hello Sir!

I tried other data and it gets converted into a point shape file not direction. How to get the flow vector? As u had posted in another question… here Mistakes in Sentinel 1 Toolbox in Offset Tracking

the direction (angle) and the velocity (length) are given in the attribute table of your point file. You can either display your point as a line feature (e.g. an arrow) with a given angle or compute the vectors based on the attributes.

Will Surely Try this !!

Thanks Again

Hello There!

I Wanted to get the azimuth component of displacement using Offset results, which I found in the attribute table of the velocity data which I exported as (arrow) point data. I have given the rotation field as the heading. Is this correct to know the directions and the magnitude(of azimuth only)?

Could somebody please tell me a way to remove the outliers (strange pixels) after offset tracking.

can you please post a screenshot of your result so we get an idea about the outliers?