I’m considering using some ALOS-2 PALSAR-2 ScanSAR (WD1) data (from JAXA) with STEP… I see there are some posts from a while back which seem to indicate that such data cannot be ingested into STEP… can anyone confirm if this is the case please?

In the ideal world I’d like to use it for conventional InSAR, but I fear this may be step too far (pun!) for STEP? Again, can anyone confirm please?

Short of conventional InSAR, might it be possible to instead use offset tracking in STEP with ScanSAR in GRD format???

I’m working on getting the ALOS-2 ScanSAR product read by the reader but, there still wouldn’t be anyway to use the bursts for InSAR. We would also need an operator to deburst and merge the scans.
You should be able to do offset tracking with the L1.5 ScanSAR GRDs

Many thanks for the very fast reply!

Just to be clear, L1.5 GRD ScanSAR can both be ingested by STEP and processed with Offset Tracking?

Many thanks again! :slight_smile:

That should be no problem, as long as there are patterns within this resolution that can be tracked over the given time.
But terrain correction isn’t possible for 1.5 products so far.