Terrain correction Alos Palsar-2 format Geotiff (level 1.5)

Hello everyone!
I am using Palsar-2 sensor data, with processing level 1.5 and GeoTiff format, provided by Jaxa.

I can not do the terrain correction. The error message says “Input should be a SAR product”, this indicates that the SNAP is not recognizing SAR data.

The question is: Is this a format or metadata problem?
Any idea how I can solve this?


how did you import your data into SNAP?

If you have the chance, use the Level1.1 data because 1.5 is already map projected which prevents the successful application of Range Doppler Terrain Correction.

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It was importing with generic format.
I followed your suggestion. I got the data with level 1.1 and everything was fine.

can you share the information if u got solution means

Currently, terrain correction of ALOS Level 1.5 are not supported in SNAP. But there is a work around which at least allows geocoding: ALOS-1 L1.5 Terrain Correction

thank you sir for your response