Dear Merpet, Sorry to trouble you, could you tell me the QUANTIFICATION_VALUE of Sentinel-1C is 1000 or 10000? I found the QUANTIFICATION_VALUE for Sentinel-1C and 2A in the header file is <QUANTIFICATION_VALUE unit=“none”>10000</QUANTIFICATION_VALUE>, but other people said QUANTIFICATION_VALUE for IC is 1000 and 2A is 2000. could you tell me what is right? thank you very much!

The value in the header file should be correct. It is 10000.
It was 1000 in earlier versions but this has been corrected.


Just for information;

The QUANTIFICATION_VALUE parameter was changed from 1000 to 10000 at Processing Baseline 02.00 (30th November, 2015). All subsequent processing baseline increments (we are now on 02.04) use 10000.



S2 MPC Operations Manager

1C is not flying yet…

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