Resampling Problem

I am trying to resample my L2A images. while doing so, the GeoTiff option shows my image is of large size exceeding the capacity for geotiff format. The main problem is I can’t select the bands for resampling, It resamples the whole set of L2A bands making the operation clunky. Can anyone properly advise me on this? I am trying to use resampling for the first time .
Thank you.

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Any reason why you select GeoTIFF as an output format? BEAM DIMAP has no size restrictions

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Beside BEAM-DIMAP, you could also use BIG-GeoTiff as output format, or you use NetCDF4. Another option is not to store the resampling result to disk but only open it in SNAP Desktop. Then you can create a band subset on this product and save it to disk.

I think we should state in the FAQ that all processing should take place in BEAM-DIMAP and that export to final format should be done in a separate step. This would have avoided countless weird problems that users are having…

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No, writing the processing results first to BEAM-DIMAP doesn’t help. It just extends the processing time, because an additional conversion step must be perfomed.
The amount of data remains and thus the problem persists when converting to GeoTiff.

I think there have been cases on the S1TBX-side where not using BEAM-DIMAP in processing has caused strange errors. @lveci should be able to clarify.

at least in most radar-related modules, metadata which is required for the correct execution of the tool is lost when not sticking to BEAM DIMAP.
But I have to admit, as a fresh user of SNAP I was also a bit confused because I didn’t know this format yet and also tended to select more relatable formats for my output at first, because I feared reduced compatibility with other programs. If it would become more clear that this format is advised/required for the data to maintain its meta-information, some of these problems could be prevented/avoided:

How about adding ‘recommended’ after BEAM-DIMAP in the dialogue where the output file type can be selected, or some sort of warning that metadata might get lost?

I just wanted to resample the images because ENVI didn’t allow me to stack these L2A images saying the images are not georeferenced. Do you have a way out?

if you open the S2 product in SNAP and save it in the BEAM DIMAP format (right-click > save as), you can open all bands individually in ENVI and stack them.
Simply open the img files in the data folder, they have geocoding included in the hdr file.