S2 export into tiff - NaturalRGB or Falso color infrared RGB


How to export S2 imagery into RGB? I could load the raw data into RGB mode on screen - but it is not clear how can I save such a file?

If you have opened a RGB image just right click on it and choose “Export View as Image”. This allows you to save the image as jpeg, png or several other images formats.

Thanks Marpet,

But this is sort of yes/no. You can save the RGB indeed, however, when you opt for full scene geotiff - you just simply receive random error messages (sic!) such as

Any better idea?



and then:

Hi ertert,

please have a look the this thread Exporting RGB image as a Geotiff
There I explain how to create a subset if not enough memory is available.
Instead of using a smaller region you can also set the step-X/Y values in order to sub-sample the image.

Maybe an other option is to increase the memory heap size. In the ‘etc’ folder of the installation directory you’ll find a file named snap.conf. Open it in a text editor.
There is the line which starts with ‘default_options=’
In this line you’ll find an option like -J-Xmx5G. Increase the value. You could use something like -J-Xmx13G, if you have enough memory in your computer