Sen2Cor with SNAP 7.0

i can’t understand if i have to install the stand-alone Sen2Cor in snap 7.0 or it is not necessary.
In SNAP 7.0 the Sen2Cor processing seems to already works without installing the external tool, but in the manage external tools window i see the sen2cor marked as not present, what should i do?

No need to install the standalone sen2cor, unless you’d prefer to launch it from the command line, I think in your case it’s already installed and to check up it, go the Optical ----> Thematic Land processor —>sen2cor and choose one of the two versions you’d to select the latest one is fine

In case it doesn’t run pleace have a look at following post concerning the Plugin Installation

Source of the post

In fact, it is needed to install the standalone sen2cor for both, using it from SNAP or from the command line.
@wincenzo for showing the parameters you don’t need sen2cor installed, only the plugin is required, but if you try to run it, then it will fail because sen2cor is not installed. I suggest you to install sen2cor automatically from SNAP in the “manage external tool” option:

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