Sentienl 1 polarimetry; apply "Pauli" filter

Hello everyone. my idea is to apply the “pauli” filter to a sentinel 1 SAR image. The filter is applied through an RGB combination with the polarizations B:HH+VV; G:HV; A: HH-VV. For this I have downloaded this data product: S1A_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20210325T062606_20210325T062631_037151_045FC8_D446.
In the Sentinel 1 data product there are only 2 polarizations, the VH and the VV. How can I get the combination of polarizations that I need to build the “pauli” filter? Would I have to download another type of product? @marpet @ABraun

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This is technically not possible. Pauli needs all four polarizations and Sentinel-1 only captures two of them. There is no way to create the missing ones, unfortunately.

@ABraun Oh thanks! Do you recommend any SAR satellite with the 4 polarizations with good resolution?. I have not found any that meet that requirement.
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Currently, there are none which are openly available, sorry. This has been discussed it several topics, maybe you want to check:

Some sample products with full polarization can be accessed here: San Francisco | Institut d'Électronique et des Techniques du numéRique - UMR CNRS 6164

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