Sentinel-1 Orbit Visualiser


This is regarding Sentinel-1 satellite orbital movements in ascending and descending pass.

Here, we can observe ground acquisition.

How can we observe the satellite movements from the orbit in the space.
Is there any tool, that can make the visual representation of satellite orbital pass with orbital parameters. ?

This question is related to a similar research as follows.

you mean the heading angle of the satellite?

No. It is NOT Heading angle.

As we can observe ground segment in the above image.

Can we visualise the satellite orbital info similarly !!!

       i.e. crossing of ground segment is visible clearly in the form of 
             ascending and descending. 

                 1.  whether can we see that, orbits are crossing or not ?
                       (I am expecting Ascending and Descending Orbits will cross)

                 2. If crossing, at what location in the space it is crossing, and 
                      at what time ?