Sentinel-1 SLC Polarimetric Decomposition

Hello! I am very fresh in the SAR analysis, so excuse me if I am making silly mistakes.
I try to make polarimetric decomposition from Sentinel-1 SLC.
Firstly, I did calibration. Later, S-1 TOPS deburst and from this point I have an issue. The output is smaller than input and when I try to do polarimetric decomposition there is error that I need input to be a full polarimetric product.

Could you help me?
Thank you a lot in advance!



most of the decompositions require 4 polarizations: HH, HV, VH and VV.

However, most of the Sentinel-1 data in IW mode is in only one or two polarizations:

There are studies which apply decompositions on dual polarized SAR data:

You can chose the Entropy-Alpha Dual Pol Decomposition for a try.

It is discussed in other topics if it makes sense:


Very useful information. Thank you!

I have tried this type of decomposition and indeed it works. Only issue now is that the scene is smaller than original one and it is due to deburst - I do not know how to make decomposition of whole scene.

Debursting actually shouldn’t change the size of the product. Are you sure you didn’t choose TOPSAR split?

No, the output is file name is ended with .deb :slight_smile:

did you zoom in and out a bit? Sometimes parts of the image are not displayed all at once. Sorry, might be a dumb suggestion but I can’t imagine why it could have changed during the debursting.

How large is the change? of course, a few pixel vanish where the black lines used to be.

After deburst, the height should be slightly smaller because the black lines separating the bursts are removed as well as the overlap between bursts.


Dear Andreas,

I have managed to make the H-Alpha Plane Plot, could you please advise on how to derive the figure below, with specification of Label, Colour, Value, Frequency and Description?

Thank you in advance!

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I don’t see any figure :slight_smile:

Hi Andreas

Please refer to this specification below, I was wondering that how could I generate this for Sentinel-1 SLC image.

Thank you.

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First you split, calibrate (complex) and deburst your S1 product, optionally you apply speckle filtering.
Then you select Radar > Polarimetric Classification > Unsupervised Polarimetric classification
In the dropdown menu you select H Alpha Wishart Dual Pol


Thank you very much for clarifying the steps! I realized I have asked a silly question…anyway, appreciated your patience and step-by-step instruction.

Ware regards,

I don’t think it was a silly question at all :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your kind words.

Hello, when I run the H/A/alpha decomposition in PolSARpro 5.1, I met a problem.
What does the colormap of the H-plane mean? Take an example as follows.

Looking forward to your reply.

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I followed the steps you described but then in the H Alpha Wishart Dual Pol step, it said that input should be a single look complex product. Do you know how should I solve this? Thanks a lot

You have to select “complex output” in the Calibration step.

thanks a lot! It works now