SNAP V8 import product: PAZ EEC

I want to report a problem detected.
I have reproduced the problem using several EEC images with corner reflectors located in well-known coordinates.

(1) When I import the PAZ product to SNAP (*xml) the image coordinates appear with an offset, it seems an error of interpretation of the geocoding information.
File - Import- SAR Sensors - PAZ

(2) Nevertheless, if you directly open the geotif product from the IMAGEDATA folder from the product package (*tif), the interpretation of the geocoding is good, the coordinates appear in the correct position.
File- Open Product

Maybe the problem is in the SNAP importer ΒΏ? I have used the PAZ importer of ERDAS with the same images and the coordinates are ok.

Please, may you reproduce this problem in order to check the SNAP PAZ products importer?

This is an example of the coordinate displacement in EEC PAZ products that I have notice:

Terrain Corner coord. (WGS84) = 40ΒΊ 04’0.96 ’’, -3ΒΊ 32 ’02.92

(1) Image coord. Image directly imported to SNAP (*xml) = 40ΒΊ04’08 ’’, -3ΒΊ 34 ’01’ bad coordinates!!
Offset 2.8km aprox.)

(2)Image coord. Opening the geotif from IMAGEDATA (*tif) = 40ΒΊ 04 ’01’’, -3ΒΊ 32’ 03’’ coordinates are OK.

Thanks in advance!


Dear Nuria:

We had detected the same problem, but with the latest update of s1tbx 8.0.6 the problem for the EEC and GEC product geocoding has been solved.

Hope this helps you.