PAZ products and data processing


I know that this group is for Sentinel 1 user community, but Ia have a research project using Sentinel 1 and PAZ imagery, and I can’t find literature about processing flow of PAZ L1B products (I’m working with a PAZ1_SAR_SSC_SM_D_SRA_20210411T113010_20210411T113017).

I found these topics:

But nothing else about processing flow.
It is possible to process PAZ imagery with SNAP?
I guess no geometric corrections are performed??

Any help is welcome!! and thanks in advance

yes, PAZ is fully supported. But it depends on the acquisition mode, product level, and of course your overall goal, so maybe you can first clarify this for us.

@eleeeel you can find the product format specification in the following link: PAZ L1B Product Format Specification

Hope this helps.

Hi Andreas

The product level is “Single Look Slant Range Complex” (SSC) in “High Resolution Spotlight Mode” (HS), “Scan SAR Mode” (SC), “Spotlight Mode” (SL) and “Stripmap Mode” (SM).

Thank you so much Nuria

I will take a look to that document and I’ll tell you if I have any doubt or question…

good morning

I’m doing an analysis with PAZ images on my external hard drive (which has more storage capacity than my computer) but I get the following error message:
set: Syntax Error.

What can be my fault?

Is it possible that I can only use this command on my computer?

I think it is because of the space in your directory.

hello, at the end I managed to process the images:
I present here my results, I am not satisfied with the results of finding too strong displacements (cm/year) in a large part of the territory, knowing that it is actually stable.





what could I be doing wrong?
How can I improve my results?

my parameters in stamps are the following:


(extremely educated guesses by BW and MS)

Parameter Default Used
max_topo_err 20 10
filter_grid_size 50 40
clap_win 32 16
scla_deramp ‘n’ ‘y’
percent_rand 20 1
unwrap_grid_size 200 50
unwrap_time_win 730 88
scn_time_win 365 88
scn_wavelength 100 50
unwrap_gold_n_win 32 16

I wonder what the ramps in azimuth (?) are.

Sorry, I didn’t understand what you mean @mengdahl .

my parameters are:

mt_prep_snap 20220102 /home/ignacio/Escritorio/vilareal/INSAR_20220102 0.4 6 6

I also show the phase_ramps:

What are the ramps in the last 7 scenes?

@mengdahl there are the ramps in the last 7 scenes:

and here the ps_info:
1 25-Sep-2021 -128 m 52.571 deg
2 06-Oct-2021 -86 m 38.055 deg
3 17-Oct-2021 -296 m 48.810 deg
4 28-Oct-2021 -228 m 43.565 deg
5 08-Nov-2021 -222 m 30.715 deg
6 19-Nov-2021 -188 m 30.413 deg
7 30-Nov-2021 -143 m 28.133 deg
8 11-Dec-2021 -241 m 30.676 deg
9 22-Dec-2021 -24 m 32.307 deg
10 02-Jan-2022 0 m 39.006 deg
11 13-Jan-2022 -44 m 29.313 deg
12 24-Jan-2022 -287 m 32.083 deg
13 04-Feb-2022 -154 m 32.032 deg
14 15-Feb-2022 -25 m 34.357 deg
15 26-Feb-2022 -292 m 38.469 deg
16 09-Mar-2022 -361 m 47.878 deg
17 20-Mar-2022 -419 m 39.230 deg
Number of stable-phase pixels: 30350855

removing the ramp and atmosphere effects and reprocess is the solution?