StaMPS 4.1 Export

Hello, I would like to get help with the ps_shapefile function, someone can give me an example of its execution. I’m not sure what each parameter represents, especially step.

function ps_shapefile(filename,data,step)

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have you been able to understand how it works?
thank you so much

I have decided not to do the process by that method, I load all the data that I require to a table in matlab and I export it as csv.

Has anyone found a solution for this? I am struggling to figure out how to export the data as a shapefile with velocity data.

Have you seen this solution?StaMPS-Visualizer, SNAP-StaMPS Workflow - #315 by ABraun

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Hello, the simplest thing is to populate a table with the coordinates and the speed and export it in csv.

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Thank you very much for your solution. Now I am facing a new issue when exporting data to a csv in order use it as an input for the stamps-visualizer.

When exported it only one row as mentioned in the above link