StaMPS-Visualizer, SNAP-StaMPS Workflow

Dear Sir I cant click and plot the time series on the image TS plot and TS double not functional. in order to use the stamp visualization it is mandatory to have TS plot right? what am suppose to do?

dear Sir still nt working

As I get it right, you call ps_plot('v-do', 'ts') . Please read the StaMPS manual closely, if something does not work, try the most simplest options, in this case ps_plot('v-d', 'ts') and look if this works.

The how to use details to plot a time series plot in StaMPS are given on page 33 in the manual

A successful ps_plot() is mandatory for the StaMPS-Visualizer export. Without a end to end successful StaMPS-processing and plot in Matlab, an export to the Visualizer is not possible.

Thank you Sir for your positive replay. the main problem ‘TS plot’ button is not working to select an area of Matlab plotting what is the problem

the TS button is not working.

@abity that really is a strange behavior of StaMPS. Since I do not have access to Matlab, I can not try to simulate this error. And from the error messages alone, I can not tell what is the problem. At this point I can not help further. In order to solve StaMPS errors, also consider asking in the MAINSAR google group.

In this topic, the problem was resolved by installing a more recent version of matlab: Matlab Error - when I want to plot time series for a few PS points

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Dear sir I am using Mtlab2018a

do you have the chance to get a more recent version?

Dear not really I have an old version matlab 2016b the newest version is the current one am using matlab2018a

you can try using the old one and see if the error persists there

okay I will install it dear stay blessed.

dear sir I tried it with in matlab2016b but the result is the same. can I processed it again by increasing the area? or what suppose to do?

I’m sorry, but the only solution I am aware of is a newer version of matlab. Although I cannot guarantee that this will fix the error on your side as well.

Maybe a clean re-install of Matlab can already help?

okay dear in order to reinstall the MATLAB I should have to format my pc with all programs is there any mechanism with out formatting my pc to reinstall the MATLAB thanks in advanced.

please see here:

Depending on your license, you should also be able to download the latest version here and enter your license information

or you apply for a test version of the latest matlab: (30 days)

Thank you dear stay blessed and stay safe! mine operating system is linux

then you are surely able to find the rountine via google yourself:

Please note that this forum is mainly on the use of the ESA SNPA toolbox. We are happy to exchange about external tools and plugins, such as StaMPS or others, but we cannot guarantee technical support for all of them. At a certain point, you will also have to contact the developers of these tools, for example here:

thank you very much! you are really a solution maker and life safer. wishing you long live stay blessed and stay safe.

Dear Sir I need a paper or a research work for how INSAR is a power full tools for monitoring of displacement as well as it is very crucial for preliminary investigation before the design of any development like infrastructure, buildings, road constructions etc. in order to present for layman who do nt have any basic understanding of InSAR. thank you in advanced stay blessed.

Dear All

Thanks for your attention. I have analyzed the series of descending SENTINEL-1A images with the stamps software (PS algorithm) and caught the considered results, but I think that my results are very noisy and the PS selection or weeding aren’t performed correctly (I guess that the bad PS with low coherency also are selected).

I have a question about this problem. how can I change the coherency threshold between PS points, which is considered for PS selection or weeding? which parameter or option I should change to improve the selected PS?

Best regards