Unable to Run Apply-Orbit-File from GraphProcessor

Unfortunately, even when the firewall is off SRTM 1Sec cant be downloaded, my subset format is .dim
yes the image is good but I can’t apply the orbit file at all I need to do this

Please try to skip the Orbit File step and proceed for a test. If the next steps fail as well, there might be a different reason. But the fact that both Orbit File and Terrain Correction fail indicate that SNAP cannot access online resources from your computer.

What should I do? how should I access online resources? I even set my firewall off but it wasn’t the reason for this problems, I love working with Snap but these errors are annoying
Another problem is after mosaicing (two other Sentinel-1 images) and subsetting I can’t do any other functions on images because of this error:( Input should be a Sentinel-1 product), but they are Sentinel-1 products.

Thanks for your answers

then this is my only guess what might be wrong, but you haven’t answered it yet.

S1A_IW_GRDH was Images with .rar format
Intensity VV and Amplitude VV For subsetting
and format of files are .dim

Maybe the mosaicing is the reason why the input is no longer understood as Sentinel-1. What others steps do you want to apply? Maybe it is possible to apply the mosaicing later in your workflow (even after terrain correction).

I think all the problem comes from my Snap inability to connect to the host server.
The First Step of workflow is:
I can’t do my thesis with these disconnecting problems. there should be a solution to this problem.

You can manually download the Orbit files and SRTM tiles and place them in the correct folder, so SNAP will not try to download them.

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