While applying calibration on subset, I am facing an error stating " Cannot create data buffer"

While applying calibration on subset, I am facing an error stating " Cannot create data buffer".
I am using sentinel-1 SLC data. Before caliberation, i have performed resampling and created the subset.
Please excuse me if i made silly mistake.

the error message indicates that your computer ran out of memory (RAM). If you want to compute a subset of S1 SLC data, I recommend the TOPS Split operator. May I ask why you resample your data? Maybe there is a better way to achieve what you need.

Thanks for your reply. I have to perform Polarimetric Decomposition so when i was creating subset it suggested to first resample the data.

this sounds strange. I only know this message related to Sentinel-2 products actually.

Please try this order

  1. TOPS Split (reduce the number of bursts as described here)
  2. Calibration (select complex output)
  3. Polarimetric decomposition (please note that Sentinel-1 is dual-pol and not every decomposition is possible. More information here)
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Thanks for the information. I am able to calibrate now.
I used TOPS S-1 to deburst my data, it got completed. But, when i view the image I get “Null Pointer Exception” error. Can you please let me know possible solution to remove this error.
Thanks in advance

that is a quite general error which is not related to a specific issue. Can you check in the data folder of your product if img files were written?

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Thanks , it’s done.
I have decomposed my data using Entropy Alpha Dual Polarimetric Decomposition method. Can you please let me know, for what project can i use this RGB data. I mean how to get it, whether it could be used for land or water bodies

Please consult polarimetric studies for this: