Classification of GRD product


OK. Thanks but do you know any ‘citation reference’ for the below sentence?
The good thing with random forest classifiers is that they select the layers which are most useful.


The work of Leo Breiman can be seen as a foundation:

And in practice:


Thanks alot for such an information. but i have little bit confusion in second, third and fourth point as you have suggested me.


Please tell me how can I clarify your confusion and I’ll try to help.


Aformentioned point which you have suggested.


these are just suggestions on what data can be added to increase the feature space.


I just want to thank @ABraun for the support and the reads he’s provided and linked the forum readers to. I have learnt a lot today.


Did you find de answer? I was wondering the same but I’m not able to do it.
As you posted, what I need to know is which exactly is the feature importance in percent.

Thanks in advance!


I never figured it out. Used one of the measures within the output and graphed it.


Ok, Thank you! I think that maybe it would be good to try again with a new post, just in case someone has found something.
I will post it tomorrow.



I am trying to make a classification of Sentinel 1 image. Please, which software did you use in your project to classify? if it is SNAP, how can I import a shapefile made by arcgis to be as a training data?

Thank you in advance.