Classification of GRD product


Well, one prepares the image and the other its texture. Both are complementary information and important for classification.


Thank You for your valuable suggestions :grinning:


Hey @ABraun as per your suggestion i have been using GPT. I was able to do the pre-processing work as processing chain in this but so far i could not understand how to extend the code to my own analysis part( ie. to include my own code in that for further processing).


I don’t think the GPT can directly call code from other software but you can write a routine in GPT which processes the data to a certain point and writes an intermediate output file. Then, this routine calls the external code to process it and then again proceeds with GPT commands.

In windows, this could be done by batch scripting.


How to write a routine in GPT ? Do you have any example code of this kind.

one more thing, Is it easy for a beginner like me to add plugin to my snap desktop using python ?


It is nicely described here:
You simply list the steps in the correct order, something like this:

gpt -graph1.xml -outfile.tif
external_command.exe outfile1.tif outfile2.tif
gpt graph2.xml outfile2.tif -final.tif