Error in running 'mt_prep_snap'

mazhuang@x7ti:~/2/INSAR_20190305$ mt_prep_snap 20190305 /home/mazhuang/2/INSAR_20190305 0.35
mt_prep_snap Andy Hooper, August 2017

Amplitude Dispersion Threshold: 0.35
Processing 1 patch(es) in range and 1 in azimuth

matlab: Command not found.
opening /home/mazhuang/2/INSAR_20190305/rslc/20190305.rslc…
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
mt_extract_cands Andy Hooper, Jan 2007

Patch: PATCH_1
selpsc_patch /home/mazhuang/2/INSAR_20190305/ pscands.1.ij pscands.1.da mean_amp.flt f 1
file name for zero amplitude PS: pscands.1.ij0
dispersion threshold = 0.35
width = 6710
number of amplitude files = 0
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

psclonlat /home/mazhuang/2/INSAR_20190305/ pscands.1.ij pscands.1.ll
opening pscands.1.ij…
Error opening file pscands.1.ij

pscdem /home/mazhuang/2/INSAR_20190305/ pscands.1.ij pscands.1.hgt
opening pscands.1.ij…
pscdem: Error opening file pscands.1.ij

pscphase /home/mazhuang/2/INSAR_20190305/ pscands.1.ij
opening pscands.1.ij…
Error opening file pscands.1.ij

Please take a look at the following posts, The error is discussed there.

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Have a look at the following post and all others within the same thread under the post,

Source of the post

Thank you, I think it may be a problem with my Linux system, the path name may have changed because I switched the system language, I plan to reinstall the system.

hello, Has your problem been solved? I had the same problem. Can you tell me how to solve this difficult problem? thank you .

To be honest, I don’t know where the problem is. I used Ubuntu 19.04 for temporary learning. Recently I bought a new and bigger hard drive, so I reinstalled Ubuntu 18.04.3 and related software, and the problem was solved. Maybe you can solve the problem by reinstalling the software without reinstalling ubuntu.

thank you for youor answer

did you solve the problem? Or did you reinstall ubuntu as well?


I had this issue, I would check the version of gcc and g++ you have. I had version 9 installed, but StaMPS needs version 7.
Install version 7 of both GCC and G++ as your default versions, then delete your StaMPS folder, and reinstall it.


thank you for shring @matt

Hi Matt,
I had the same problem. Your solution worked for me.

In my case, the default version of GCC and G++ was 8. I am working on a HPC system, and I do not have admin previledges to install new software. Luckily the system had version 7 of the software. So, I loaded them to replace the newer version.

Before the reinstall of StaMPS (with ‘make’ and ‘make install’) I made shure that I had version 7 for both GCC and G++.

I have tested the method in MATLAB version R2017b which also shown problem with package. I solved that by adding the following line in my ~/.bashrc file.

alias matlab=‘LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib64/ /cm/software/apps/matlab/R2017b/bin/matlab -desktop’

In future, I will test the solution in higer version of MATLAB.

Best regards,


Helllo everyone! I have problem with running this command mt_prep_snap. When I run “file name_mt_prep_snap_date_file name” does not recognize this command. Could it be because I installed StaMPS incorrectly? Thanks in advance!

please read the instructions regarding the StaMPS_CONFIG file. Once this is sourced correctly, all commands will be recognized.

I am getting this error when running mt_prep_snap Thank you for your kind response

please see the solution provided here: Segmentation Fault (core dumped) error during mt_prep_snap

For me worked after I run the folder of StaMPS in a Terminal, and then I run the command: source_StaMPS_CONFIG.bash.
Although I applied this when installing StaMPS, but every time I restart my Linux system this configuration was missed and I have to rerun source_StaMPS_CONFIG.bash.

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open .bashrc file in /home/Username
Then enter the below line, at the end of the .bashrc file.

export PATH=path of stamps upto bin (/home/username/stamps/bin):$PATH

then run
source .bashrc

It will solve your problem.

Thank you very much suribabu, I’ll modify my .bashrc file to set my stamps path.

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