How to process image after Sen2cor opertaion

Dear Sir,
I am doing the sen2cor operation after unzip the Sentinel2 image on .xml file.
After this correction has been done in unzip file. when again I am again zip the sen2cor corrected unzip file its not open in SNAP tool. Please suggest me How to collocate the sen2cor corrected file with sentinle 1 data.

After unzip your S2 image in your folder, by applying unzip in here, you will get this folder,


Drag and drop this folder in your SNAP product explorer

Then after applying sen2cor you’ll get the following result in your same folder, the result is named,


This result is BOA corrected,

You could now continue to process your data according to your procedure and goal, there is no need to zip the final result again.

Dear thanks for your help.
I have also one more query when i am performing IDEPIX mask on sentinel 2 image then perform the collocate the optical bands are not opening in SNAP. Please give your suggestions.

In case you intend to apply idipex for cloud masking , don’t apply AC,

Please take a look at this post