Phase to height/Displacement/Elevation Conversion

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I’m currently using ALOS-2 PALSAR FBD L1.1 data for interferogram generation and have succesfully implemented all the steps as mentioned in the tutorials regarding the same.
I want to know what is the process to convert phase to height/Displacement/Elevation

radar ---------->interferometric ---------->products-------->phase to height or phase to displacement

Please for more information go back to the esa tutorial

Just to double check- when using the phase to displacement operator, is the resulting displacement positive towards satellite (i.e. positive for uplift) or positive away from the satellite (i.e. positive for increase in range)?

positive is towards the satellite it means uplift and on the other hand the negative means away from satellite and it give sens of subsidence.

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I have this error
please help me

please avoid cross-posting the same issue over various topics: Java heao error